The big quiz night question: How to run a successful quiz night?

This site will give you easy and free ideas to help you run a successful and fun quiz night. It's not just about the questions either - running interesting or enjoyable games and activities, providing quality prizes, and other things are all keys.

Here are a few quick tips:

Run a tight but flexible schedule. Don't drag it out too long. If you take the early rounds too slowly, you'll have the rush the final rounds. Have a few games/activities up your sleeve to insert or remove should you be well off schedule. Prepare and practice! Test any electronic gear (projector, laptop, etc) so you don't end up stuck on the night with something not working. Read more quiz night tips.

Provide a good range of prizes, especially prizes for the winners that can be easily split amongst a group of people. Get some quiz night prize ideas.

Involve as many local businesses as possible - the more giveaways, prizes and auction items the better. Find out how to get quiz night donations easily.

Mix in games and activities for those who aren't as confident with general trivia. It's also a good way to bring in more money for your fundraising cause, especially auctions. Regular games like Heads and Tails are very easy to run and give people a break from sitting and answering questions. Get quiz night game ideas.

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